It’s 1974.

Nixon’s resigned. “Kung Fu Fighting,” “Jungle Boogie” and ‘The Way We Were” rule the radio. “All in the Family,” “Sanford and Son” and “The Jeffersons” rule the TV airwaves. “The Godfather Part II,” “Blazing Saddles” and “Young Frankenstein” rule the box office.

And … a priceless Apollo Moonrock goes missing from the University of Missouri’s Museum of Natural History in Smithton, Mo.

Another one missing! More than half of the roughly 270 Moonrocks the Apollo program brought back are AWOL. Estimated value today? $8 million plus. For one.

Who took Missouri’s lunar sample? Why has it not surfaced since President Ford took a tumble down the steps of Air Force One?

Now it’s up to private investigator Peter Pike to follow a half-century-old lead and connect the dots from a wayward wife to a drunken heiress and a sinister lawyer. Will Pike find the rock? Or will the wife, heiress and lawyer make sure Pike falls face first into filthy Jimson Creek and stays there?

Read the sixth book in the Peter Pike series to find out.

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Who let the dogs out?
Peter Pike and the Silver Shepherd,” #5

Who let the dogs out?

Private eye Peter Pike’s in bad shape.

He’s broken up with his fiancée Greta, is homeless and diagnosed with PTSD in the mid-Missouri town of Smithtown, home to the University of Missouri. The VA refers him to the Center for Humane Animal and Canine-Human Assimilation, Cha-Cha for short, which assigns him a silver German shepherd.

But who is this dog, really? Bubba is gentle but has strange reflexes around certain symbols. Who are the supersmart wild dogs terrorizing Smithton? What is the director of Cha-Cha hiding and why is she so knowledgeable about Nazis?

To find out, Pike must dive into the murky history of war dogs, space dogs and the Pet Holocaust to find out who let the dogs out and how long he has before they take over Smithton — and the world!

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Peter Pike #5, “Peter Pike and the Silver Shepherd,” available in paperback or on Kindle edition 

“Peter Pike and the Sinister Saint,” #4, available in paperback and on Kindle

“Peter Pike and the Revenge of the Romanovs,” #3

“Peter Pike and the Revenge of the Romanovs” is based on a supposedly true account of the 1887 Third Imperial egg of the doomed Romanovs (pictured), a fabulous Faberge.

This egg comes with an extraordinary backstory: Bought in the 2000s for £8,000 by a scrap metal dealer in the Midwest who kept it in his kitchen for years until a Google search revealed that he had a lost treasure on his hands.

But the story might be a fake!

“In a post on its website, the Baden-Baden museum dismissed the story, declaring: “There is simply nothing to say, except, ‘What nonsense!’ ”

“The museum claimed that the Vacheron Constantin pocket watch concealed within the egg was produced “much later than 1887,” and that “similar cheap eggs were produced in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.”

See, that’s why you hire Pike.

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Peter Pike #2, “Peter Pike and the Lincoln Love Letters (Ah, Love)”


Explosive Lincoln love letters have disappeared from the University of Illinois library — and with them, the last person to see the letters, an erratic adjunct poetry instructor named Danny Ejderhan. Danny’s fiancé Dani hires once-homeless private eye Peter Pike (he sleeps in his office now) to find Dan.

To do so before it’s too late, Pike must navigate a world of fluid sexuality, political correctness, race riots, musty archives and inconvenient truths while dodging wunderkind college presidents, thuggish deans from New Jersey, lovely librarians and the editors of Pendragon Letters, all of whom desperately want the missives. On top of that, Pike is falling deeply in love with Greta, a librarian with some secrets herself.

Why all the ruckus? Because these documents will upend history. The letters to and from Lincoln are not correspondence with Mary Todd, or a woman at all. His crush is on … John Wilkes Booth.

The second book in the Peter Pike series asks the eternal question: What price love?

Peter Pike #1
“Peter Pike and the Murderous Mormons”

Explore the strange and wonderful place that is St. Baarlam, Ill.

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