• “Writes about historical and contemporary tough stuff for those not faint of heart. Young male readers will enjoy Neal’s book!”
    — Linda Ferris, author of “LORAL COUNTY TIMES: Return to Echo Woods”

  • From “Unlikely story: Novelist writes at intersection of mystery, history” 

“Fandek sees genre as a servant to greater stories and, with “Peter Pike,” he walks up to the precipice of accepted American narrative and points out just a little of what lies beyond it.”
— Aarik Danielsen, Columbia Daily Tribune
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“From the moment I picked up this book, I was hooked: “Hot, so damn-ed hot. Why is it always hot as damna — blazes in this gol-durned state” Starting with the motley crew of the New Mormon Brigade, and continuing with colorful characters like Vietnam Johnny and Rock the Avenging Angel, the players are well-drawn and the story is suspenseful. In the beginning you’re not exactly sure where things are going or why so many southerners are losing their heads, but pretty soon things fast forward to present day and the mystery begins to unfold. The narrative continues to draw you forward as you are introduced to one memorable character after another. The book is peppered with layer upon layer of historical facts, centered largely in Missouri and Mississippi and even include passages from the Book of Mormon. The book is incredibly well researched, and Fandek’s clear love for and knowledge of history is apparent in the Author’s Notes at the end, where the author separates fact from fiction.”
–K. Hunt, Amazon review

What a creative new writer! He writes with imagination and delves into the complexities of capturing the interplay among religion, race and culture in both 21st and 19th century America. His protagonist, Peter Pike, is a “not-so-still waters runs deep” kind of character. You never know what to expect from him … but his unexpected words and actions keep the reader guessing.
I’m eager for the release of the next Peter Pike adventure!
–William R., Amazon review