That’s one sinister saint.

Ho, ho, ho! Who doesn’t love Santa?

Santa Muerte that is. The very old, very new Mexican saint of death who’s replaced the Virgin Mary for a good chunk of the Meso-American population.

In the fourth installment of the Peter Pike private eye series, Pike takes a break from his pregnant girlfriend Greta and domesticity to visit an old Guard buddy in Mexico City. Tom’s gotten himself mixed up with strange folks with strange beliefs and stranger drugs promising eternal life, throwing Pike in the mix.

Narcotraficantes track Pike back to St. Baarlam. Now Pike must save his family from Mexican and American drug cartels, Santa worshippers, and worst of all, greedy Loca Cola freelancers.

Is that a Faberge egg?

Fabergé eggs.

So small, so perfect, so golden, so priceless.

So deadly.

Private eye Peter Pike and his sleuth-librarian fiancée Greta learn just how deadly when the Third Imperial Egg turns up in the Mississippi River town of Punica, Mo. Now it’s up to Pike and Greta to find the egg before a modern-day Rasputin, the actor Robert DeXero, a crooked cop, a shady college president and the Russian mob turn their world inside out. As the body count builds, Pike and Greta try to keep their love alive – and stay alive.

Based on true events: the Third Imperial Egg was lost after the Russian Revolution and only surfaced ten years ago in a Midwestern junk shop. Third in the Peter Pike series.

Wait. That’s not John Wilkes Booth is it?


Explosive Lincoln love letters have disappeared from the University of Illinois library — and with them, the last person to see the letters, an erratic adjunct poetry instructor named Danny Ejderhan. His fiancé Dani hires once-homeless private eye Peter Pike (he sleeps in his office now) to find Dan.

To find Dan before it’s too late, Pike must navigate a world of fluid sexuality, political correctness, college race riots, musty archives and inconvenient truths while dodging wunderkind college presidents, thuggish deans from New Jersey, lovely librarians and the editors of Pendragon Letters, all of whom desperately want the missives. And on top of that, Pike is falling in love with Greta, a librarian with secrets herself.

Why all the excitement? Because these documents will upend history. The letters to and from Lincoln are not correspondence with Mary Todd, or even a woman at all. His crush is on…John Wilkes Booth.

The second book in the exciting Peter Pike series asks the eternal question: What price love?

“Peter Pike and the Lincoln Love Letters,” now available in Kindle edition on Amazon

Peter Pike and the Murderous Mormons: St. Baarlam Blues by [Neal W. Fandek]

Book #1, “Peter Pike and the Murderous Mormons,” is also available in Kindle edition on Amazon

Strange days in St. Baarlam, Illinois: Routine Dept. of Transportation excavation has uncovered a city of stone built by an unknown race and in it a flaming sword of crystal, golden tablets in an unknown alphabet, mass graves of decapitated skeletons with stakes jammed in their mouths. What does it all mean?

The Mormon’s Avenging Angel, Chief Fear of the Chaddhu Nation, Aunt Paula the town mystic, crooked archeologists, a funny little DOT man who reeks of sulphur and leaves unexplained fires in his wake don’t care what it means. They just want that priceless ancient loot. And it’s up to the intrepid homeless vet and detective Peter Pike and his on-again, off-again squeeze Tina the salon owner to sort out the truth. And make it out alive.

Say, why do they call Pike Vietnam Johnny anyway?