“Peter Pike and the Revenge of the Romanovs” is here!

Fabergé eggs. So small, so perfect, so golden, so priceless.

So deadly.

Private eye Peter Pike and his sleuth-librarian fiancée Greta learn just how deadly when the Third Imperial Egg turns up in the Mississippi River town of Punica, Mo. Now it’s up to Pike and Greta to find the egg before a modern-day Rasputin, the actor Robert DeXero, a crooked cop, a shady college president and the Russian mob turn their world inside out. As the body count builds, Pike and Greta must keep their love alive – and stay alive.

Based on true events: the Third Imperial Egg was lost after the Russian Revolution and only surfaced 10 years ago in a Midwestern junk shop.

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Peter Pike #1
Peter Pike and the Murderous Mormons

Explore the strange and wonderful place that is St. Baarlam, Ill.

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