About the author

Neal W. Fandek

Neal William Fandek

Fandek was raised in Copenhagen and Oslo by a Norwegian mother and ship-captain father, has degrees in history and journalism from the University of California, Berkeley, and was senior editor for Penthouse Magazine.

He has circumnavigated the globe, been an economic analyst, worked in a nuclear power plant and in the engine room of a Great Lakes freighter, for Wall Street, in a hot dog factory and on a Merck vaccine production line.

He has also written and edited for web and print on both coasts and for such international magazines as that of the Hyatt hotels chain, Irish national airlines and Penthouse. His short fiction has been published in the Loch Raven Review, Broadkill Review, Serving House Journal, Village Writer, 42nd Parallel, Crimson River, Grand Tour and Penthouse Forum.

Fandek lives in Missouri with his wife, the artist Marilyn Cummins. The Peter Pike series is projected at seven novels.